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Hilarious: Kiss make up and the beginning of D1GP

I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this one on IZ Reloaded!

If only I was 7 years older in 1978 it would have been a fun thing to do with my dad!! :D

Same thing as above: if I only would have been a few years older I actually could have enjoyed the early days of D1GP:

As you can see it was a bit primitive back in the early 90s but nevertheless it was very enjoyable back then! The cars may have been a bit primitive but applying the handbrake to help the car slide was a common thing then as well!
And you can see them all: Ken Nomura, Manabu Orido, Manabu Suzuki and Keiichi Tsuchiya. All of them in early 90s outfits and without glasses! :D

Hilarious: Drifting with 4 people in a KE70

I really had to laugh about this video:

Ken Nomura, Daijiro Inada and Manabu Suzuki start drooling over a nicely 4AGE carbed Toyota Corolla KE70 with SSR Longchamps and the driver offers them a round on the circuit. The KE70 still has the rear bench, so why not cramp all four of them in that 4 door Corolla?

Inada sits, of course, shotgun while Nomuken and Suzuki are doomed to sit on the rear bench. This requires some squeezing by Suzuki to get in (I recon it was no trouble at all to get inside for Nomuken! ;) ) and as you can see there are no seatbelts in the rear. :D

When the driver takes off it starts snowing and you can hear at the straight all three shouting hayai. The driver probably must have scared them a bit!! :D :D

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