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WTF: Stretched Prius

I spotted this picture at RS Yasu’s blog. I really frowned upon this stretched Prius: Stretched Toyota Prius XW30 I can imagine driving a limo and I can even imagine a limo being a hybrid. But why convert a Prius into a limo when you have plenty of hibrid limos available? Found at [RS Yasu]

WTF: Toyota Corona Super Roomy

After Yesterdays Lincoln Touge Car I remembered I came across something very different some time ago: a Corona T170 Super Roomy! Toyota Corona super roomy limo A what?? Well, basically it is a standard T170 Corona, but then lengthened in the middle: Toyota Corona super roomy limo And it still has got those cheap hubcaps…

Hilarious: Limo drifting (Initial D parody)

I had a good laugh when I watched this short video of kimiga aruzide shitsuziga orede where a Lincoln Town Car limo goes downhill sideways head to head with a BNR32 GTR! Obviously the Town Car wins! 😀 😀 (or should it be called Lincoln Touge Car then?)