Practical Classics: British cars versus Japanese cars

January 24, 2014 in Magazines

I’m a subscriber to the Practical Classics Magazine and I just noticed their March 2014 cover:
Practical Classics Magazine March 2014
British versus Japan?
Kujira Crown coupe versus Ford Capri?
Triumph 1300 versus Corona?
Allegro versus Compagno?
Marina versus Bluebird?
Cavalier versus Accord?
I think only the Kujira Crown is going to lose in this battle! 😉
Oh boy, I can’t wait till it drops on my doorstep!

Car chases: mysteriously dented Whale Crown

March 29, 2013 in car chase, Car chases

Currently I’m watching the 70s series called The Persuaders! which is way before my time but nevertheless very entertaining to watch. The series is an adventure/detective around Roger Moore shortly before he became 007. Basically Roger Moore had just upgraded from a crook (The Saint) to lord (Brett Sinclair) and with his sidekick Danny Wilde (played by Tony Curtis) he miraculously encounters many (coincidental) adventures with spies, diplomats and other rich and famous people. In this particular episode Brett Sinclair gets mistaken for a British spy by Kay (played by Suzy Kendall) and the Russians drive a RHD whale Crown in this episode:
Toyota Kujira (whale) Crown MS60 in The Persuaders!

Moore drives an Aston Martin DBS and Curtis drives a LHD Ferrari Dino 246 GT and most other vehicles are periodically and location correct (LHD Renaults, Simcas and Peugeots when located in France), so this Crown is a bit of an oddball in this series as it is RHD, has Corps Diplomatique plates and is supposed to be a Russian car. Perhaps back in 1971 when the Kujira (whale) Crown was released and this episode was shot it really looked like it came directly from outer space and the producers thought the viewers would dig it as Soviet design?

I made a short compilation of the Crown in action: video on the next page

ITT2012: The green whale MS75

July 20, 2012 in Events

Yesterday I posted the yellow whale Crown MS68 but I also shot a couple of photos of another kujira (whale) crown: green hardtop coupe MS75!
ITT: Toyota Crown Hardtop Coupe MS75
The coupe was completely bone stock and still in its original paint!

I think I shot a similar photo like this one last year at the Japanese Classic Sunday: Read the rest of this entry →

ITT2012: The yellow whale MS68

July 19, 2012 in Events

Last year someone brought along their Crown RS40L but this year they could not make it. Another MS50 wagon made it to the festival but I only took one photo of it. So next in line is the kujira (whale) Crown where this super rare Crown Wagon MS68 was in perfect condition.
ITT: Toyota Crown MS68

Naturally I photographed it in any angle possible, just like this one with lots and lots of silky smooth bokeh: Read the rest of this entry →

Brilliant: this Crown is the perfect Appliance

June 11, 2012 in brilliant

Or is it?
Appliance rims on a kujira Crown
Well, uhm…

What looks a better place for these Appliance rims? The woman dressed in knitwear or this Kujira Crown? Read the rest of this entry →