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Hilarious: Knight 2000 Toyota pickup commercial

Now this is hilarious: Toyota USA picked up the Knight Rider concept and transformed KITT into a third generation Toyota HiLux Pickup! It even includes a Thanks old buddy! exclamation!

Hilarious: Lada Raider

I’m cleaning up old directories on my old (retired) harddisks and came across this Finnish gem called Lada Raider. It is a Knight Rider spoof and features a Lada 2101 (aka VAZ-2101 in Russia) instead of the Pontiac Trans Am. And beware: there is more to come from the old Banpei crypts. 😛

Hilarious: Robocop + Knight Rider = Jiban

What were the great sci-fi icons during the 80s? I can come up with Knight Rider and Robocop! Toei must have thought the same, so why not create a tokusatsu TV series around a cyborg human and a Pontiac Trans Am? So behold Mobile Sheriff Jiban: Just like in Robocop a cop gets killed and…

Hilarious: how would you know your friends are dorks?

Suppose you own and drive a black and white panda painted Toyota Sprinter Trueno, just like this example: Perfect Initial D Sprinter Trueno AE86 replica How would you know then that your friends are a bunch of dorks as well? Simple: they all own moviecar replicas as well! All your friends driving movie cars as…