Most of you have played at least one of the Street Fighter games in the past. Of course I did also had my share of it even though I was a bit more fan of the Mortal Kombat series…

Well, some people just played it too much, like this Ryu wannabe in the US:

As you can see the guy succeeds to wreck the car about as much as Ryu in Street Fighter II.

Compare that guy to Ryu in this bonus stage in Street Fighter II:

Like a proper bosozoku Ryu manages to wreck this new Toyota Celsior/Lexus LS400 lookalike!

However keep in mind that this IRL Ryu wrecks a Kia Sepia and not a first generation Toyota Celsior! So, is this guy as tough as Ryu? Don’t think so! The Celsior was built to last while the Spia was built to wreck. Maybe he should have wrecked that Mazda 929 in one of the background piles! That would be a bit more like the size of the Celsior!

Most probably this is a viral movie because they really had to express that it was shot with a certain Korean camcorder. So Korean camcoder records mutilation of Korean car… I understand why they didn’t take the Celsior or the 929! :P

Found at [Jalopnik]