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Japanese Autosport Festival: Wallpaper Tuesday

As us Dutch celebrated Queensday yesterday I thought that everyone is back at work needs a new wallpaper! Also the people celebrating 1st of may today can enjoy a fresh wallpaper and last but not least: posting wallpapers on Wednesday starts to get a bit boring… 😉

So I selected yesterdays Silvia K’s S13 with the TRA Kyoto 6666 Customs front (aka Rocket Bunny kit) as my next wallpaper:
JAF2012 wallpaper 1600x1200: Nissan Silvia S13

You can find all wallpapers below:

Top left is 1600×1200 (4:3), top right is 1920×1280 (16:9), bottom left is 640×960 (iPhone 4) and bottom right is 320×480 (iPhone)

Japanse Autosport Festival: Traffic jams and parking lot

As promised: lots of pictures are coming up!

The day started early somewhere in Hilversum where we met up at Jack’s place at 7:30. I was perfectly on time for a change, but stupidly enough I forgot to bring along my tickets and had to go home and print them out another time. Then after 45 minutes of driving we arrived in Zandvoort and encountered this near the gate of the circuit:
There is a long line of cars...
It took us another 45 minutes to actually reach the gates. 😮

This also meant one of the cars in our group ran into a little bit of trouble when its radiator hose snapped: Continue reading

Japanse Autosport Festival 2012: the first impression

Just came home from the Japanse Autosport Festival 2012 in Zandvoort and it has been a looooong day so I will try to keep it short now and do photo uploads and such tomorrow. So what was my impression of the day? I think this picture describes it best:
Stickerbombed Mazda MX5 headlight
The most great/fresh/exciting/energetic day I had in ages!
Oh and I almost forgot: I’m in love with my “new” camera! (secondhand 5d mk1 with split focus screen)

So stay tuned for a week of photobombs!

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