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Hilarious: Mori hair girls

Another proof that Japanese girls love weird fashion: the mori hari. This has been fashion for a while now and the media is picking it up as well, like this damn funny advertisement:

If you want to see how big this craze is, watch this video:

WTF?! How can you have 8cm of hair?

Hilarious: no more sweaty armpits with Riff!

What is the greatest fear of an average Japanese woman during summertime?
Sweaty armpits! :D

Lucky for them the Japanese idol Natsuki Kato has a new product for them: the Riff armpit pads! And they promote it with this hilarious TV ad:

I can imagine the punchline roughly translates into: Sweaty armpits? OK!

And a small trivia: how many more places can women wear pads? :o

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