Car meetings are generally visited by boys (and their toys) but lately I do see more and more girls visiting these meetings. Some of them also bring along their own (tuned) cars.

I featured this Suzuki already in the stickerbomb posting, but nevertheless it is a girl’s car:
It's a girls car!!
Hello Kitty stickerbomb: it can’t get more girly than that!

It was not the only one around: this Honda Civic was also marked with the same It’s a girl’s car sticker:
It is a girls car

This is how the car looks as a whole:
Girly Civic

So what does she do with Pedobear then?
Girly Civic

The Civic was not only covered in flowers on the outside, the inside was well treated as well:
Civic Steering wheel
Not really my cup of tea… ;)

That’s it for the Wangan Warriors meeting 10. I really enjoyed the meeting and will certainly go to a next meeting as well!