You’re probably thinking: wtf? Is he mad or something? A mini versus a Ferrari?
No, I haven’t lost my mind yet and it makes perfectly sense to post this video:

It is an amazing achievement by this Japanese to keep up with that Ferrari (except on the straight) and it is amazing how much faster this Mini is in the cornering sections. This Mini is fast!

It is not the Mini nor the Ferrari that I find interesting: the cars they are passing are! :)

@0:23 a Starlet KP61, @0:42 a N2 AE86, @1:11 a Toyota Levin AE86 and a Nissan Sunny B310 coupe, @1:36 he gets passed by a RX7 FD (which he passes later on), @1:46 a Honda Fit (?), @2:13 a third generation Honda Integra, @2:39 another FD and a Toyota 2000gt, he does have some trouble with that Yaris Sport @4:00 and finally passes the Ferrari @4:43. Another oddity: @4:57 a rare VW Golf Mk2.