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Down on the Street: Static Monkey Honda Civic EP1

I could not resist capturing this Static Monkey Honda Civic EP1 parked in the Ikea parking garage today:

Yes, of all days I had to visit the Ikea on a Sunday when it is overcrowded. On the other hand: otherwise I wouldn’t have seen this little Honda Civic EP1 sport. It is an EP1 as, according to the Dutch car register, it features a 1.4 litre engine. So basically similar to mine, but then nine years older.

Now about the Static Monkeys part: Continue reading

Hilarious: Yanni Civic

Maybe you already saw this seventh generation Honda Civic on Jalopnik yesterday, nevertheless I really need to repost it:
Hilarious: Yanni Civic
Hilarious: Yanni Civic

Yes, not only is it the ultimate posermobile, it also got a name now: Yanni!

Why? Because it has got a Yanni record behind the rear window:

And it is not only a Yanni record that makes this Civic great, the options list is longer than the hit list of Yanni:
– Chrome Honda logo on rear window
– Yellow brake calipers
– Hood scoop
– Fake hood vents
– Fake hood vents on the rear fender
– Fake chrome locking mechanism
– Chrome Honda logo on the bumper
Do I need to go on? :P

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