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Hilarious: how to make candy Sushi

When I watched this video half of my face was just laughing the whole time while the other half was turning into disgust: it tells you how to make your own almost real (sweet) candy sushi:

Okay, I must say the structure of the tuna is spot on! And the small fish eggs look so real I would immediately take a bite! Perhaps a way for vegans to actually eat sushi?
Still knowing that it actually is candy sweet stops me from buying such package…

If sushi is not your thing, how about a nice candy pizza and pasta?

Great way to eat these candy versions is shown at 1:35, a set of toothpicks used as chopsticks!

Found at [Watashi to Tokyo]

Hilarious: The A-Team dubbed in Japanese

I had a great laugh when I watched this A-Team opening in Japanese!

That sounded so great that I started looking for more footage on youtube…

Most of it is blocked, but I was able to catch this nice few minutes of good old Japanese dubbing:


Imagine what the Japanese might think of our good old Manga Video dubbing from the early nineties. Or worse: the Tokyopop Initial D dubs! ;)

Found at [Japan Sugoi

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