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Carina Sightings: Gymkhana Carina TA63

I’ve seen a lot of (ab)uses for the Carina so far, but I’ve never saw one attending in a real Gymkhana before. That was till I spotted this Gymkhana Carina TA63 on Minkara:
Gymkhana Carina TA63
Gymkhana Carina TA63

As you can see: the owner has humor. :D

You can see some more action in one of his videos:

He’s quite good at it! And the video even featured a few “bloopers” in the end! :)

Also a notable thing are his smoked tail lights (zenki). Really suits the car and maybe I’ll try to create my own when I can get my hands on a second set…

Found at [remnants of team]

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