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Suzuki Cultus at Pikes Peak hillclimb in 1992

Being from the Playstation generation I only knew about the existence of the 1992 twin engined Suzuki Cultus (aka Suzuki Swift) through Gran Turismo 2. This little car is overshadowed by its bigger brother, the Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak, but looking at these two videos of the 1992 Pikes Peak hillclimb makes me fond of the little brother too!

The first video shows Daijiro Inada doing the 0-100 in 3.6 seconds (I bet he liked that!) and some of the JDM competitors damaging their cars.

Quite spectacular is the onboard camera footage from the Mitsubishi Colt number 7 when it tumbles down the mountain:

Even more spectacular is the run done by Nobuhiro Tajima in his twin engined Suzuki Cultus: even though he has a damaged tire he manages to finish his run in 12:51! Amazing!

Makes me wish it was 1992 again! ;)

Commercial time: Japanese Gran Turismo PSP commercial

I saw this video today on Jalopnik:

Apart from the fact that all the people on Youtube think they actually used a Countach and a Stingray (yeah right!), how can you advertise two vintage cars damaging each other on a track in a game that doesn’t even have a damage system? ?(???;)

Maybe the advertising agency already had this commercial made for Gran Turismo 5 and got fed up with the delays… Or maybe they want to give you the impression the game is cooler than it actually is… (ยด?`)y-~~

That brings me to the fact that I must admin I haven’t bought Gran Turismo for the PSP yet! Shame on me! But the problem is mainly that the sound of my PSP is broken (left some earphones in and travelled with it) and I still haven’t bought a new PSP ever since.

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