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Initial D flashgame #1

A long time ago I came across some crappy Initial D flash games. I found this one quite humorous, especially since it lacks any good graphics or gameplay at all!

I saved if for later use or for my offspring to find it years from now, either way it would have any use at all. Just went cleaning out my harddisk and found it again, so it became the first rather than the last. So of course I had to share it this way.

Have “fun”:
Initial D flashgame battle drift
Click on the image to start the game, or go here directly:

Initial D Flashgame #2

Last week I already added the first Initial D flash game. This new one is even more crappier, however it is backed up by Newgrounds so apparently there should be some quality in it. 😉

Judge for yourself:
Initial D flashgame drift stage
Click on the image to start the game, or go here directly:

Great game: Traffic slam

I work for Spillgroup which is one of the biggest casual gaming companies worldwide. We also make our own games (co-operation between Holland and China) and today our new game Traffic Slam has been released:
Traffic Slam on
Think of this game as the Shockwave version of Burnout Crash Mode!

In my opinion this is one of the best Shockwave games I’ve seen/played ever! I think it’s amazing how detailed all 3d models are and how many different textures there are!

Compliments to my colleagues for this great game! 🙂

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