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Initial D fan FAIL is one of my favorite daily blogs. Hilarious pictures and videos of fail.

Last weekend they had a new masterpiece:
House Advertisement Fail
House Advertisement Fail

It was not the big fallus which I saw first, not even with the big red circle and lines around it, but what I saw first was this:
Initial D fan Fail!
Initial D fan Fail!

Apparently I have more interest in the Initial D Sprinter Trueno diecast than to sexual objects. Hmmm…. Is that a bad thing? Big Banpei FAIL?! [???]

Fail: Google Chrome and Youtube

Just submitted this picture to Failblog:
Youtube fails on Google Chrome

As you can see: Google Chrome fails to play Youtube movies. I already tried Chrome on my blog and discovered than no Youtube videos would show up on my blog. After a small investigation I discovered that there is some security issue on Google Chrome and


Edit @11:30: Apparently they fixed it now. Glad I was able to capture it. ;)

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