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Dutch AE86 with FWD complex – AE86 Wall of Shame

It has been a while since I posted in the AE86 Wall of Shame. It’s not that I ran out of pictures, but rather more other interests took priority. Today I have another Dutch beauty for you: a white Corolla GT Twin Cam 16 AE86 including period-correct 1980s stickers and a Corolla FX AE82 front end! That surely looks goofy!

I really wonder why this European Corolla AE86 with AE82 front end doesn't sell...
I really wonder why this European Corolla AE86 with AE82 front end doesn’t sell…

I presume the front has been swapped for the AE82 front end because of a minor front-end collision. As the left-hand-drive headlights are difficult to obtain, it would have been a very expensive accident. The much cheaper and more obtainable AE82 front end has been crafted onto the AE86.

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Video: Levin On European Circuits

Evan already posted these videos on HR blog, so I’ll just repost them here! They are videos from Toyota shot on several European circuits:

Probably an exhibition video by Toyota to see how well the new AE86 was appreciated in the old world, so this has got to be between May and August 1983.

As you can see they did not use the Euro Levins (aka Corolla GT) but took their own. Both Levins are early GT Apex models: apart from the decals you can see both have the rotating grille and the white coupe has a black moulding on the trunk.

The white Levin shows some nice action when it goes sideways on the Nurburgring before heading over to Spa and Zandvoort. Funny detail is that both Zandvoort and Spa were Formula One circuits at that moment while the Nurburgring was working hard to make a comback with the Eifelring. On Spa they really go wild on the long corners and on Zandvoort they do some faint drifts on consecutive corners. :)

The Corolla sedan in Europe Scenery is a bit of a letdown after all that action! ;)

Tomorrow a follow up on this video, so stay tuned for more! :)

Toyota Corolla KE30 pickup in Europe?

RS Yasu updated their blog with the notion that they are closed between 30th of december and 5th of january. Normally I would say this is not too exciting news, however they did feature a photograph of the KE30B122 pickup in front of their workshop:

Toyota Corolla KE30 pickup in front of a European looking house
Toyota Corolla KE30 pickup in front of a European looking house

It strikes me how much this workshop really looks like an average European house, like for instance in Austria, Germany or Hungary. I was fooled for a few seconds, but of course the pickup doesn’t belong there since Europeans (in contrary of the Americans) are not too fond of pickups.

If you’re interested in the rebuild of this nice KE30B122:
Toyota Corolla KE30 pickup rebuild by RS Yasu

Edit: it is not a KE30, but a Nissan Sunny B122 pickup:

Hilarious: Fancy – China Blue

Since last week I am using Normally people would use it to listen to their favorite music and such. I found that it is actually a very good tool to find the lost treasures of music. :)

How to use it? Simple: think of a really bad band like for instance Modern Talking and use that band on to play similar music. Be patient and wait for to find those little gems for you. ;)

This week I found the singer Fancy with the hit China Blue:

Not only their music is horrible and stolen from Modern Talking, but they even copied their looks from other horrible bands/artists: the singer looks like how Michael Jackson wanted to look eventually, the keyboard player and drummer look like they were borrowed from Europe and the Chinese girl, who looks Thai to me, looks like she is played by Boy George. And those bright white smile of the keyboard player!! Directly stolen from Dieter Bohlen!

If you want to know more about Fancy, try here:

I’ll add another hilarious posting next week. :)

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