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Brilliant: Super Silhouette Eurobeat!

About thirteen years ago I discovered Eurobeat through JDM games and a well known animation series, so from time to time I get Eurobeat cravings and hunt Youtube for background music at work. Today I found this great mix called Super Eurobeat Winter Crazy Racer Version:
Super Eurobeat Winter Crazy Racer Version
Yes indeed the background picture contains the original Super Silhouette Tomica Skyline KDR30 with a kaido racer knock off photoshopped (or should I say MS Painted ;) ) next to it.

Well the mix does contain some kaido racer sounds around 5:30 and police sirens near the end: Continue reading

Initial D: that’s why Takumi’s cupholder is up front!

I was browsing some videos on Youtube and came across this Japanese Candid Camera gag (at least that’s what I think it is) putting some celebrity in a Fire Cola commercial where the taxi driver drives Takumi style with a Toyota Crown S130:

Yep, all the cola end up on that poor celebrity! Again and again, and again, and again, and again … until some very well known cop arrives on the scene in Seibu Keisatsu style. :D

As you can see, it is very difficult to keep even a cup of Cola in your hands when the driver is doing 180s and you are sitting in the back. That’s why Takumi has his cupholders up front and not in the back! ;)

Hilarious: Den Harrow

Again I had a tough one after last weeks Mr. T raps and Jozin z Bazin, but again I managed to find another gem! :)

This week I found Den Harrow when searching material for the Italo Disco vs Early demoscene posting. I remember Den Harrow from my youth and back then I thought some of his songs were great!
One of my favorites was Future Brain (great clip!)

Well, boy was I wrong. I just heard “A Taste Of Love” on and immediately thought it was great stuff for the hilarious section.

When looking at this and reading the Wikipedia page about Den Harrow I found this small quote:

Revealing the Truth
After years of continued fame and popularity, the fans of Den Harrow were faced with an unbelievable news, it was revealed both by the frontman of Den Harrow Stefano Zandri and the producers that they had been hiding the truth from their millions of fans. It was disclosed that Stefano Zandri did not actually sing his own songs; he was essentially a character who lip-synched to vocals produced by a number of other Italo singers.

No shit? He didn’t sing that himself? Amazing nobody ever noticed! It’s soooo obvious if you look at that live perfomance! And the alternating voices between the songs and years?

Something that would be a nice thing is that if Den Harrow jumped from the Italo disco bandwagon on to the Eurobeat bandwagon during the early 90s instead of persisting that he learned to sing and still performes 100% the same song over and over again

The sad thing is that he nowadays claims he leaned to sing and still sings Future Brain with the same voice as 23 years ago!

Initial D: Initial D World Eurobeat shoutcast stream

During programming at work I like to listen to some music because I can concentrate more and it makes me focus much more upon the progamming instead of being distracted by colleagues.

Today I really was looking for some Super Eurobeat because I needed to speed up the typing even more… So I started looking for an Eurobeat shoutcast stream. Then I discovered Initial D World opened a shoutcast stream featuring Eurobeat on the 16th of April last year. Talk about nice birthday present more than a year afterwards. ;)

They say that Eurobeat will be broadcasted at least 12 hours a day between 4:00 AM ~ 4:00 PM PST, and the rest of the time it will be filled up with DJ sets and some other music whenever needed. Currently it should be Trance and Eurobeat, however I currently only hear Eurobeat…

This is their current schedule:
Initial D World DJ Schedule

You can find the stream here:
Initial D World Shoutcast stream

Initial D: GBA Initial D game movies

Aah, I still remember having the Initial D game on the GBA emulator… I tried and tried to remember all options, figure out what the best option per corner would be. But I sucked soooo hard at this game I gave up after trying it for a day or something.

It’s great to see some people collected their walkthough on Youtube now! Take this Keisuke vs Takumi walkthrough for instance:

I love the oldschool GBA music (mostly Eurobeat in sid/gsf/chiptune) and the graphics are very nicely animated as well! Those Wantanabes are really well done!

This is a lot better than those crappy Initial D flashgames I collected. ;)

Some other videos:
Mako (Sil80) vs Takumi
Nazakato (BNR32) vs Takumi
Shingo (EG6) vs Takumi
Bunta (AE86) vs Takumi

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