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Hilarious: The A-Team dubbed in Japanese

I had a great laugh when I watched this A-Team opening in Japanese!

That sounded so great that I started looking for more footage on youtube…

Most of it is blocked, but I was able to catch this nice few minutes of good old Japanese dubbing:


Imagine what the Japanese might think of our good old Manga Video dubbing from the early nineties. Or worse: the Tokyopop Initial D dubs! ;)

Found at [Japan Sugoi

Hilarious: Star Trek dubbed in Japanese

Ever seen Star Trek dubbed in a different language? You may have, but it is nowhere near to this Japanese dub of the first episode:

Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock both have almost the same voice over so it is hard to distinguish them. Too bad Scotty does not feature in this prologue…

Another shot from the same episode:

It is really weird to see all those American actors speak fluent Japanese. I only wonder what they did with the voice of Hikaru Sulu. :D :D

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