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Hilarious: Drift series special: Beauty Battle blogged about it some time ago: Drift Special – Beauty Battle (girl drifting)… I only was able to watch part of it but it is absolutely hilarious!

First part:

All parts:

The main story is that three girls share an AE86 and start drifting with it. They battle with various other stars (featuring earlier!) and if I’m not mistaken: it all ends well with them. ;)

This is a special of the Drift series by Futoshi Jinno. If all other parts of the series are this horrible the director definitely created something worse than The Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift.

Ah well… Three girls drifting in a hachi-roku are always entertaining enough. I think I’ll take the time and watch it tonight…

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Hilarious: Drift series special: Beauty Battle part 4 (final)

Well, I’ve finally finished this series… :)

Well, just when it started to get “okay” it became a bit more rediculous again: they add a 4AGZE to the hachi!
4AGZE setup in the Corolla Levin AE86

Well, you might think that adding a 4AGZE isn’t a big problem and should not be rediculous, well you are right! Adding a 4AGZE is one of the best options for the AE86! And it should be considered an “easy” swap. ;)

But the weird thing is that the engine sound isn’t changing afterwards! At least the Supercharger should make a whining sound and the engine should not rev that high anymore!

And no, they did not turbo the 4AGZE to 4AGZTE, see in the picture below. Apart from that they still have the 4AGE engine cover on it:
4AGZE setup in the Corolla Levin AE86 but still a 4A-GE cover on it?

So, my conclusion:
– Wrong translations
– Wrong production date of the car
– Just got a drivers license and already master of heel-to-toe
– Handbrake+revvnig at the same time
– Stabilizer for the wrong purpose
– 4AGZE without a change in engine note

Too many factors giving me this movie a bad aftertaste… I wouldn’t watch any other of the Drift! movies now…

Hilarious: Drift series special: Beauty Battle part 3

A month ago I already blogged about the Drift: Beauty Battle and last week I wrote part 2: the Drift: Beauty Battle part 2.

Today I watched parts 2 and 3 and boy it is baaaaaad! :D

Today’s highlights were:
Master of heel-to-toe technique while being clueless about driving/drifting
She just got her license the other day… Do I need to explain this more??

Drifting with the handbrake and pulling it through the entire corner and revving hard
Makes more sense to me to use the handbrake to loose traction and let it go and step on the accelerator while going sideways. The way she uses the handbrake is more how to perform a FWD drift, so doing that with a RWD should result in actually slowing down

Stabilizer bar against shaking in a corner
I think this is more due to something being lost in translation, but this is how they explain the stabilizer bar: it helps against shaking of the car when accelerating and with the same concept stabilizing the roof of the car.

Uhm… Well, it does help against tilting (shaking?) of the car when cornering, especially when accelerating in the corners. And of course it keeps your car horizontal (roof?) compared to the suspension. But how they explain it it is utter crap and only confuses the viewer… ;)

Hilarious: Drift series special: Beauty Battle part 2

A month ago I already blogged about the Drift: Beauty Battle and I wrote I would try to watch it that night…

I still haven’t been able to watch it entirely. It is so hilarious! :D
Especially the translations are terrific! Toyota is called Nong Tian and the car is called Carrola Laiby!
Drift: Beauty Battle Corolla Levin becomes Carrola Laiby
I can understand the Carrola Laiby error because that is what it is pronounced as in Japanese. However you can clearly see Levin on the side of the car!

But Nong Tian?? It is clearly pronounced as Toyota!?! And produced in 1983 and 1984? It is clearly a kouki Levin, and they were produced from 1985 till 1987! I hope you can understand now why I’m having difficulty when watching this series…

Anyway, I’m now watching two Youtube movies per day during my lunchbreak, so hopefully I’ve finished this next wednesday. ;)

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