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Carina Sightings: Another AA63 drift missle

Two weeks ago I posted up a relatively cheap Carina AA63 drift missile only to discover another on Auctions Yahoo two weeks later!
Another Carina AA63 drift missile
Another Carina AA63 drift missile

Its current price is 50000 yen (615 US dollars) but reserve hasn’t been met yet. At least this Carina is still in one piece so it could get a little bit more pricier than this.

The engine is quite impressive: a 4AGE 16 valve with independent throttle bodies!
Another Carina AA63 drift missile
Another Carina AA63 drift missile

To make it all work smooth a set of Toda cams, aftermarket piggyback ECU and a lightened flywheel have been installed.

Other modifications are a set of SSR Longchamp XR4s, camber plates and front tower bar and on the inside a set of Recaros to make you feel a bit more comfortable in those loooong corners:
Another Carina AA63 drift missile
Another Carina AA63 drift missile

This missile seems to be in a bit better shape than the other one, but this one has had less extensive modifications.

In case you want to bid on it, you still have five days left and can find the action here: Carina AA63 at Auctions Yahoo.
If you like something different: the seller also has a few shakotan and bosozoku style rides for sale!

Carina Sightings: AA63 drift missile

I found a Carina GT-R bargain on auctions yahoo: it has many modifications, RS Watanabe and Hayashi Street rims and only costs 70000 yen!
Carina AA63 drift missile
Carina AA63 drift missile

From this side it looks quite okay…

But from this angle:
Carina AA63 drift missile
Carina AA63 drift missile

It looks like sh*t!
The tail lights already have been swapped for late type tail lights and even if you are handy with a hammer and chisel you can’t make much of it anymore…

On the positive side: many modifications have been made to this car, including some nice goodies under the hood:
Carina AA63 drift missile
Carina AA63 drift missile

A tower brace, carburetors, 4-1 performance header, trunk battery, MSD ignition, high lift cams and a balanced crankshaft. Apart from that it has camberplates, a roll cage, FC Calipers, bucket seats and many more modifications!

I’d personally say the car is definitely worth it for spares if you can manage to pay the shipping costs. ;)
You can find the auction here: Carina drift missile on Auctions Yahoo

DIY: Fender widening by Video Option

I still remember encountering these techniques through AEU86 for the first time and it scared the hell out of me:

Back then when I saw this video I thought this guy is bashing up his own car in a very bad way: he’s not using the right hammers to do body work with and he just uses a pole to widen his rear fender with.

Nowadays I can truely enjoy this video: I’ve learned a lot in the last years and one of them is that you can’t keep your car clean if you want to go fast with it. People like this guy are doing this to improve the car, not the looks of the car. They don’t care how the car looks, as long as it is okay.

So actually seeing this video after such a long time made me laugh about how my own opinion changed during these years… I still wouldn’t do that to my own Carina because I would take a proper set of tools but I can understand and enjoy these DIY mods now. :)

I wonder if this car still lives… Or would it already be used as a drift missile after a while?

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