A couple of months ago I was browsing through a page which mentioned several Initial D spoofs (dojinshi) and one of them was Densha de D. I found a video on Youtube which shows the first chapter with some wellknown music under it:

Densha de Go is a famous game which is a train simulator, so basically Initial D is the drift simulator equivalent. Like you can use a steering wheel to control your drifts with Initial D you can use a train lever with Densha de Go to control your train! ;)

As you by now have read the manga is about train drivers who compete with each other. Takumi is driving a very old train and beats the modern train driven by Keisuke. In the end you can also see who drives which trains in the following episodes, and believe me: they fit very well!!

Some train freaks (Densha otaku?) re-created the Densha de D on their model trains:

Funny that is is quite possible with some practice. :)