Again I had a tough one after last weeks Mr. T raps and Jozin z Bazin, but again I managed to find another gem! :)

This week I found Den Harrow when searching material for the Italo Disco vs Early demoscene posting. I remember Den Harrow from my youth and back then I thought some of his songs were great!
One of my favorites was Future Brain (great clip!)

Well, boy was I wrong. I just heard “A Taste Of Love” on and immediately thought it was great stuff for the hilarious section.

When looking at this and reading the Wikipedia page about Den Harrow I found this small quote:

Revealing the Truth
After years of continued fame and popularity, the fans of Den Harrow were faced with an unbelievable news, it was revealed both by the frontman of Den Harrow Stefano Zandri and the producers that they had been hiding the truth from their millions of fans. It was disclosed that Stefano Zandri did not actually sing his own songs; he was essentially a character who lip-synched to vocals produced by a number of other Italo singers.

No shit? He didn’t sing that himself? Amazing nobody ever noticed! It’s soooo obvious if you look at that live perfomance! And the alternating voices between the songs and years?

Something that would be a nice thing is that if Den Harrow jumped from the Italo disco bandwagon on to the Eurobeat bandwagon during the early 90s instead of persisting that he learned to sing and still performes 100% the same song over and over again

The sad thing is that he nowadays claims he leaned to sing and still sings Future Brain with the same voice as 23 years ago!