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Family Album Treasures: Hayashi Streeted Carina GT-TR

It has been a while since I posted a Family Album Treasure and to be honest, this one does not meet my own definition of one (owner needs to be on the picture as well) but if you look at the picture it actually is: A photo taken of a photo of a car should…

WTF: one deep dished Fairlady!

While browsing Minkara I stumbled upon Stance Nation’s Minkara account where I had this WTF?! That’s one huge ass deep dished rim! Found at Stance Nation @ Minkara

SF Bay area: saw a flush 510 with deep dish wheels

When I was at Infineon Raceway I spotted this little Datsun 510 on a set of deep dish rims! Datsun 510 at Infineon Raceway The 510’s hood was rollerpainted and the interior was stripped to next to nothing. Here you have a bit better view of the deep dished wheels: Datsun 510 at Infineon Raceway…