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Another genuine Dutch Datsun catalogue

Got another present from the postman earlier this week:
Dit is Datsun: Dutch catalogue (cover)
Dit is Datsun: Dutch catalogue (cover)

This is a 28 page catalogue to celebrate the 6th anniversary of Datsun in the Netherlands. It also featured a small part about their almost finished new HQ near Lisse.

Dit is Datsun: Dutch catalogue (fold out)
Dit is Datsun: Dutch catalogue (fold out)

The mid sections contains a few fold outs from which this one is the most interesting: the 1972 lineup:
– Datsun 100A (Cherry E10)
– Datsun 1200 (Sunny B110)
– Datsun 1600 (Bluebird 510)
– Datsun 1800 (Bluebird 610)
– Datsun 2400 (Cedric C230)
Nissan 2400GT (Skyline HGLC10)
– Datsun 240Z

Yes, that is not a mistake I made there: Nissan sold the Skyline on its export markets under the Nissan brand. There could have been various reasons to do so from which I personally think it had to do something with the Prince merger…

Dit is Datsun: Dutch catalogue (2000 Hardtop Coupe)
Dit is Datsun: Dutch catalogue (2000 Hardtop Coupe)

As you could see there was a gap in the lineup: the only car not featured in the lineup was the 2000. In the next fold out this car is highlighted as the new model of the 2000 range with a nice drawing of the 2000 Hardtop Coupe. The 2000 is also known as the Nissan Laurel C130 and is very very popular car as a zokusha. ( ? ??)

Of course this catalogue will be scanned and posted here, just like the Nissan 2400GT catalogue I’m currently scanning. (?-ยด)>

Hilarious: Datsun Bluebird 910 with 2×40 webers

A second hilarious posting today?? Well, I just couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this video by The Doctor and D.Wars:

And when they finally got the set running:

And the end result:

Damn, now I want a set of them on my Carina as well! :o
Currently looking at a set double carbs from a 2T-B. Bolt on upgrade of 11HP! May be worth it after all! :)

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