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Brochures: Datsun pricelist from 1973

Last week I posted a picture of the showroom of a Dutch Datsun dealership and I remembered I also got a genuine Datsun pricelist with the Dutch Datsun catalogue I bought some time ago: The Datsun pricelist is from February 1973 (pre 1973 oil crisis) and the prices are at least a bit surprising:…

Commerical time: Sakura de Datsun!

Never knew the Datsun 200SX/Datsun Silvia/Nissan Gazelle S110 actually sold in Mexico as the Datsun Sakura. Personally I think the name is even more awesome than Gazelle or Silvia, let alone 200SX… But that’s just my opinion. 😉

Video: Datsun Equinoxe

I remember this song by Jean Michel Jarre quite well from my childhood. What I didn’t remember was that it actually is full with several Datsuns, like a Datsun 510 and 260Z. So if you can stand the cheesy looks by Jean Michel into the camera you can actually enjoy a representation of the cars…