Starter button pulled out? Race with clutch in Neutral? Push the starter button after you drove the car?

You may wonder what gibberish this is… Well, I can explain it with a very simple picture:
1974 Daihatsu Max start instructions
1974 Daihatsu Max start instructions

Kyteler from Retro Classics found these great instructions on a sticker on the door of the 1974 Daihatsu (Fellow) Max he bought last week.

Weird sentences I found so far:
…(don’t depress the accelerator pedal)…: ok, won’t do that. Will tell the accelerator pedal only cheerful stories then! (???)
…starter button pulled out fully…: shouldn’t that be choke? ?(????)
After you race a few times with the clutch in neutral…: Race the car with the clutch in neutral? How am I supposed to do that? Accelerate really fast on the straight and then press the clutch and do a couple of laps?
Immediately after you drive the vehicle, push the starter button completely: huh? Is it running Microsoft Windows or something?

And this sticker is not the only weird thing about this car! [???]
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