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Commerical time: This is DeTomasso Turbo!!

Back in the 80s most Japanese car manufacturers were creating hot turbo-ed (pronounced as Tarbo) city cars: Honda had the Honda City Turbo, Nissan had the Nissan March Turbo, Toyota had the Corsa Turboand if you didn’t have a turbo you had at least a Twin Cam (pronounced as Shweencam) engine like Suzuki did.

Daihatsu always was a master in creating small cars, so naturally they joined the turbo race with their own Charade Turbo. But when that wasn’t appealing enough they joined forces with Innocenti DeTomasso and created the Daihatsu DeTomasso Turbo:

Basically the car is the same as the normal Charade Turbo, but it has a better tuned engine, restyled to match the looks of the Innocenti Turbo DeTomaso. The Innocenti Turbo DeTomaso is a remodelled Mini by Bertone built by Innocenti with a tuned Daihatsu engine by DeTomasso and the Daihatsu Charade DeTomasso Turbo is a Charade with that very same engine. Can you still follow it? Neither did I at first… :D

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