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Hilarious: Goldrush 1G 24 valve sound

This sticker on a GX71 Cresta is totally hilarious: Goldrush 1G 24 valve sound! Goldrush 1G Sound But it actually makes sense if you look at this insane 1G header: Goldrush 1G Exhaust header Awesome! Can’t wait till I’ve heard its sound! Found at [Goldrush Customs @ Minkara]

Commerical time: Yamasaki Tsutomu and the Cresta

It is always easy money for a celebrity to borrow his/her face for a TV commercial while on the other hand the car manufacturer boosts up the car sales on its fanbase. This won’t always work of course, but in the case of actor Yamasaki Tsutomu his role was chosen perfectly! He is just as…

Video: playing Cresta pong

I thought this video was pretty funny: someone swapped a GX71 digital cluster into a Cresta GX61. Looking at the way he plays pong with the revmeter the 1G-GTE engine was also swapped. 😉