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SF Bay area: everybody drives an Integra over here!

Today is my third day in the San Francisco bay area and I think I’ve shot at least 50 photos of remotely interesting cars with my phonecam and about 20 interesting cars with my analogue SLR. Time for a small recap!

First of all I found it hard to believe, but in the first 10 minutes of driving with the rental car to the hotel I spotted an 240SX S14, a Lexus SC400 and a drift style 240SX S13. I think if I would have spotted those cars in the Netherlands it would have taken me either a week to spot them or I must have been at a meeting at that moment. ;)

Second of all: everybody drives an Integra!
SF Bay area: everybody drives an Integra
SF Bay area: everybody drives an Integra

Again: back home the Integra is just as omnipotent as my Carina, so spotting one is quite rare. In the bay area everybody seems to be driving an Integra!
I looked it up on Wikipedia:
A total of 301,102 Acura Integras were sold from calendar year 1994 to 2000 in the U.S.
And I bet most of them are still driving around in the bay area!

Apart from the Integras I saw many many many Nissan 350Zs!
SF Bay area: everybody drives a 350Z
SF Bay area: everybody drives a 350Z

The 350Z is back home a bit less omnipotent as the Integra, but here you see them on about every parkinglot. The one above was shot in downtown SF btw.

Runner up is definitely the Mazda Miata (or MX5s) and for some weird reason none of them was topless. After the Miata it gets a bit harder, but I guess it probably would be the four door Charger…

I did see much variation in the styling: from lowrider trucks to drift cars to big rim cars to hellaflush ratlook roofracked Integras:
SF Bay area: Hellaflush roofrack Integra
SF Bay area: Hellaflush roofrack Integra

I must say this car was pretty bad maintained and the rat look was not deliberately made.

Last but not least: I spotted many many older cars including this Cressida MX61.

From this angle it looks great, but on the right side it was pretty smashed up. Which brings me to another weird thing: everybody tends to keep on driving with insanely dented cars. In the Netherlands most people get their cars fixed as soon as they get a dent in it, but it appears as if you don’t need to fix up your car and you keep on driving as if nothing ever happened.
SF Bay area: Smashed up Cressida
SF Bay area: Smashed up Cressida

That’s it for now, but I’m positive I’ll have more of this stuff in the upcoming days. ;)

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