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Carina sightings: two Carinas and a Corona drifting

More than two years ago I posted my wallpaper @ work:

Twin drifting aa63 carina 4dr, aa63 carina 2dr and T142 Corona 2dr coupe

Yes, two Carinas and a Corona doing a tandem drift!

Well, today you can see this exact picture in motion in this video:

The white Carina sedan is an AA63, the black Carina coupe is also an AA63 and the Corona is an AT142. That lovely sound is from the squealing the tires and those three 4AGEs screaming down that corner! I love it! :)

BTW: Currently I have a different wallpaper (to be precise: an orange Luxembourgh Levin), but I think this is a good reason to switch back to this one! ;)

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