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Hilarious: 1984 Toyota Corolla advertisement – go one better!

First watch this advertisement and then read my comments. 😉

At first I saw the 1975 Toyota Corolla KE30 (great in 75!) and then the 1981 Toyota Corolla KE70 (tops in 81!) I thought I struck gold and found a US advertisement for the Toyota Corolla GT-S AE86! But no: it is a South African advertisement for the new Toyota Corolla EE80! (go one better!)

Lovely 80s setting with dancers in tracksuits! Back in 1984 the moonwalk was the hottest thing so it is amazing to see that EE80 moonwalking with the dancers! 😀

Apparently the idea back then was that the FWD EE80 was much better than the RWD KE70 (It’s a whole new number!) which may be true for the masses but not for us! (Sorry Siert!) It’s got more space than the KE70 but it lacks the potential of the KE70. Ah well, back in those days people were not thinking about engine and transmission swaps in throwaway cars like the Corolla… Times really have changed!

Still, these cars are fine cars for the less enthusiastic people and I even have a member on AEU86 who swapped in a 4AGE in a Sprinter liftback! But that is of course an exception. 😉

Everything keeps going right! Toyota!
Ahum… Well, the rest is history I guess. 😉

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