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Video: how to change a tire by a machine?

As a follow up on last Mondays How to change a tire by hand? an high tech machine to change tires automated:

Now that certainly is a big difference compared by doing that by hand! 😀

Actually in both titles change should actually have been remove: in both videos the tires get removed and no new tires will be mounted on the rims again.

Also this machine was new to me: I’m still used to the old hub rotating machines where you stick an arm on the hub (and between the tire and the rim). Not anything near this machine with three different arms to loosen the tire from the bead and another arm to push the tire and another finger coming from the first arm to actually remove the tire… Maybe I only went to old fashioned tire shops in the past! 😀 😀

Video: how to change a tire by hand?

I have no idea why, but maybe this guy thought it would be bad for his power to weight ratio to bring along spare rims with tires on a drift session. So he only brings along a spare tire and some tire changing tools!

First he starts to separate the tire from the bead on both sides which takes him roughly six minutes to finish. Unfortunately the video stops after they guy explaining the next steps. But I can imagine he would be sitting there changing his tires the rest of the day! 😀

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