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Video: Japanese 1983 Celica XX advertisement #2

Last week I blogged about the Toyota Celica XX advertisement with the ELO (Densha Otoko) theme in it. This week I have a Japanese Celica XX advertisement with Grace Jones!

I can understand why they compare Grace Jones with the Celica XX: both are square muscular superstars but I personally would prefer the Celica XX above Grace Jones. ;)

A nice detail is the mirror shot at 19 seconds: it is a bit the same as the mirror shot of the New Carina catalogue (S59-3):
Cover of New Carina (S59-3)
Same style, same era?

Video: Japanese Celica XX advertisement

Just found this Japanese Celica XX Advertisement on youtube:

As you can hear, the music is Twilight by Electric Lights Orchestra. Apart from the fact that I’m an 80s (electronic) music fan I immediately recognized the main theme from the Densha Otoko J-Drama.

You can view the opening credits here:

Funny they used the same theme for both videos! So now there is a link between the Toyota A6 platform and Densha Otoko! ;)

Celica Supra rims almost on the car!

The Celica Supra rims are almost on the car! I dropped them off at the address where the tires were delivered and I could pick them up three hours later (at 20:30) with tires and fully balanced. :)

Celica Supra rims with Falken ZIEX ZE-912 tires

I didn’t have the time yet to put them on the car or even shoot some pictures of the rims, but that will be very soon! Then we’re going to see how much the car resembles the Carina GT-R

Edit: now with picture!

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