Friday Video: junkyard stroll in Japan (part 3)

September 28, 2012 in video

What amazes me most about Japanese junkyards is the number of luxurious cars stashed there…
Nissan President 80k kilometer

This video by BANKAKUEMIKO is filled with cars like the Nissan Cedric Y30, Toyota Celsior, Toyota Crown Majesta UZS141, Skyline R33 and a Nissan President: Read the rest of this entry →

WTF: Skull Equipped Cedric Y30

August 24, 2010 in WTF

In one of the Showa Meeting galleries I found a couple of Nissan GloriasCedric Y30s where one licenseplate stated it was Moon Equipped, but I surely had to disagree:
Skull Equipped Cedric Y30
Skull Equipped Cedric Y30

Yes, it is more Skull Equipped than Moon Equipped!

Here is a closeup of that grille:
Skull Equipped Cedric Y30
Skull Equipped Cedric Y30

A true piece of art! 🙂

Family Album Treasures: careless Gloria Y30

August 7, 2010 in Family Album Treasures

Back in 1989 when the Japanese economy was still blooming and the Lost Decade was on the doorstep, this guy looked so careless in his Y30:
Careless in your Gloria Y30
Careless in your Gloria Y30

Nothing to worry about! 😉

Found at KPY30VIP