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Tokyo Matter (Cars)

I saw this movie posted on Twitter by Chris Rhoads today. On one side you can see it as a spoof on Tokyo Drift, on the other side you can see it as “hopping on the bandwagon” for Cars:

It is still quite entertaining, especially guessing on which models the cars are based. My best guess is that the blue Japanese saloon is supposed to be a Crown S120 or S130 and the bad guy a Silvia S15. I also did spot a few bosozoku/dekotora like styled vans. Funny to see all the Police cars are modern Crowns! 😉

Shakotan Boogie diecast cars

When I spotted this amazing diecast collection of all Shakotan Boogie cars my first thought was that I had to buy it… Not for myself but for my son Ollie of course!
Shakotan Boogie 1/64 diecast collection
Shakotan Boogie 1/64 diecast collection

My second thought was that he was waaaay too young to play with diecasts so I guess I either have to wait for him to grow up or just get them now and play with them myself. 😉

Hopefully he will pick up something from them when he is older. 😀

You can find them here:
Shakotan Boogie diecast models for sale

Edit: somehow this post got stuck and was not publicized. Fixed that now, but now another post is already there… 🙁

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