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Carina Sightings: the Carina Sheriff is for sale!

Do not worry about getting caught by the Carina Sheriff: apparently the Sheriff resigned and put it for sale!

So this can be yours for a mere 350 euros:
Portugese Carina Sheriff
Portugese Carina Sheriff

It has comfortable bucket seats too:
Interior of the Portugese Carina Sheriff
Interior of the Portugese Carina Sheriff

The handle near the dashboard is to lock the adjustable steering wheel (only up and down).

For that price the car is a bargain, even as spares car. Too bad my shed is already full of spares… Anyone else interested in the Sheriff?

Carina sightings: beware of the Carina Sheriff!

Beware of the Carina Sheriff:

I couldn’t stop laughing when I watched this video yesterday: my coffee almost came back through my nose! It is amazing what they did to that poor Carina! ;)

So now we have a Carina Firevan, a Carina policecar and a Carina Sheriff car. What’s next? A Carina ambulance? ( ???)???????????? ? / ?/ ?

The Carina is most probably a Carina TA60 sedan from Portugal: the uploader of this video is from Portugal and I do see a white hachi-roku in the background (Portugal is a hachi country).

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