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Carina Sightings: White Carina JZA63

I posted this Carina JZA63 half a year ago but still it intrigues me: it is such a monster and just imagine its potential! Toyota Carina JZA63 Found at [USDM???JDM???]

Carina sightings: Carina GT-TR JZA63 monster

My mouth started watering when I spotted this amazing JZA63 Carina GTTR buildup: Toyota Carina GT-TR JZA63 The Carina was originally a TA63 GTTR model, so attaching the 2JZ engine to the W55 instead of the 3T was easy. Toyota Carina GT-TR JZA63 The car is AE86 front struts converted to fit the 8 way…