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Carina sightings: spot the Carina A60!

According to the poster of this original 80s footage it should contain a Carina A6.
So, let’s spot the Carina!

It could be at 0:19 or at 0:44 or at 1:03, but IMO all three cars are the same Mark II GX61 Hardtop coupe. Taillights are definitely not Carina and match more or less this Mark II:
Mark II GX61 Hardtop coupe
I must say that they look quite the same so I understand the mix up.

Video is a bit boring nowadays while back then it was supreme action. Maybe we’re getting used to all that D1 action from Jaan. Nice stock AE86 and Skyline RS-Turbo R30 though!

Carina A6 catalogue scans

Just found this great Japanese website who scanned all Corona and Carina catalogues ever!

Ofcourse I already downloaded all Carina A6 scans and I will most probably mirror them here. 🙂

You can find them here:

And for your interest, I have these four catalogues:

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