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Webmining: Nissan Laurel C130-EV

If you thought a 1973 pigsbutt Nissan Laurel SGX was one of the coolest cars of the 70s, behold the even cooler Nissan Laurel C130-EV:
Nissan Laurel C130-EV
Nissan Laurel C130-EV

Okay, I must admit it is not as good looking as its butaketsu brother but it certainly doesn’t run that hot!

Nissan Laurel C130-EV
Nissan Laurel C130-EV

This Electric Vehicle is powered by a 16Kw (21hp) electric motor propelling all those 1645 kilograms to an amazing top speed of 85 kilometer per hour! The lead-acid batteries make its radius an amazing 65 kilometer and I don’t want to know how long it would take before it is fully charged.

Still a cool idea though. If I had the money for it I would definitely get a second Carina and make my own Carina EV out of it. And of course retaining its RWD…

Found at [Nissan Concept Cars]

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