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Hilarious: Happy Meal drift (better than Bunta!)

Now this is a real happy meal: this guy eats his Mc Donalds meal while drifting the Ebisu North course! Not only does he eat it on the straights, but he also does it Bunta style and picks up and returns his milkshake into the cupholder! Now that is EPIC!

Now if only he could pick up his order on the drive through this way! :D

Also check out his extensive (and humorous) report on this trick on Youtube.

[ Found through Beeoneoneoh ]

More cabin spirit with the Nissan R88 at Le Mans

I found some more Cabin Spirit:
This time it is the Nissan R88 #85 which was driven by Kazuyoshi Hoshino, Takao Wada and Aguri Suzuki. You can see Takao Wada smoking Cabin Spirits in the advertisement, would this also mean he got an ashtray mounted in that Nissan R88?

The #85 did not finish. Officially due to engine and gearbox problems, but of course we know better now: Takao Wada was lighting a cigarette Bunta style during the race and missed his shift point. Result: wasted engine and gearbox. ;)

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