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My stonks are soaring baby! – Family Album Treasures

At the height of the Japanese bubble economy, everything was booming: stocks, assets and land value. You name it, it was almost doubling year-over-year (well, that’s a bit exaggerated), so once you had become Mr. Big, you had to show it. Buying a Soarer Z20 would definitely show you were big in Japan!

Toyota Soarer Z20 soaring in value!
Toyota Soarer Z20 soaring in value!

I can’t really tell whether this photo above is actually shot during the bubble era or it’s an homage to this era. The suit is the late 1980s/early 1990s, the mobile phone as well and so is the Toyota Soarer Z20. However, these rims actually feel more like the late 1990s and the camber as well. The photo is clearly shot with film, so if it were a homage, kudos to the photographer!


TOM’S Angel T01: angel or unicorn? [JDM Trivia #9]

JDM Trivia #9

Today’s trivia will be all about the TOM’S Angel T01. Gred_cz guessed the teaser entirely correct: the car in the teaser clip is indeed the TOM’S Angel T01 and the tail lights are indeed borrowed from the E90 generation Corolla FX. I recognized the car in the video from my Gran Turismo 2 days when this car was one of the prize cars you could obtain if you won the Pure Sports Cars Cup located on Laguna Seca Raceway.
JDM Trivia #9: TOM'S Angel T01


TOM’S always has been a tuning garage where they take an existing car, only Toyota in their case, strip and modify it into a high performance race car, or a de-tuned street version.

Mid engined sports car

You could argue that TOM’S counterpart for Nissan would be Tommy Kaira. They also take mostly Nissan cars and modify them into high performance race cars. The analogy even goes further: both have made an attempt to create their own light weight mid-engined sports car from the ground up. Both of them had their mid-engined sports cars manufactured in Great Britain. For Tommy Kaira that car was named the ZZ while TOM’S attempt was named the Angel T01. Continue reading

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