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Ebay treasures: Nissan Cedric Y31 Brougham

I found another treasure on Marktplaats (Dutch Ebay): a JDM Nissan Cedric Y31 Brougham!
JDM Nissan Cedric Y31 Brougham
JDM Nissan Cedric Y31 Brougham

The car is powered by the 3 liter V6 VG30E, meaning it has 160hp and more importantly 247 N·m torque. Surely enough to move around this big green castle on wheels. ;)

The most beautiful element on this Cedric is by far the rabbit-ear-like fender mirrors. Very rare and certainly unique outside Japan:
JDM Nissan Cedric Y31 Brougham
JDM Nissan Cedric Y31 Brougham

The big question is: how did it get here? The registration dates back to early 1998, so perhaps a rich Japanese executive that was relocated to the Netherlands?

On the inside you won’t find the automatic gearbox on the transmission tunnel because it is located, as in the usual Cedric fashion, on the steering column:
JDM Nissan Cedric Y31 Brougham
JDM Nissan Cedric Y31 Brougham

Apart from that enough buttos to make a gadget freak go wild! :)

At the rear enough legroom and, of course, a lot of wood touches on the interior:
JDM Nissan Cedric Y31 Brougham
JDM Nissan Cedric Y31 Brougham

For European standards this would have been a luxurious car in 1991, but compared to Cedrics top model the Brougham VIP this car is actually quite bare… But is it worth its auction price of 4400 euros? (6000 dollars)

Found here: [Nissan Cedric Y31 Brougham @ Marktplaats]

WANT: Flex Auto in Yokohama

This is one of the most amazing second hand car dealers I’ve seen so far: Flex Auto has two mint Hakosuka Skyline GC10s, a Cedric 430, a Crown MS50, a Crown MS60, a Nissan Cedric Y30 V3.0 Turbo Brougham VIP (that is surely the longest car name ever!), a Skyline Japan, a Toyota Corona GSS hardtop coupe and, of course, a panda Toyota Levin AE86:

I’d wish the secondhand car dealer around the corner would feature such a magnificent lineup!

Direct link to video: すごい車屋さんみつけたよ~
Found through [iwa99able]

Car feature: Nissan Gloria Brougham VIP Y30

It can’t get more VIP than with this Nissan Gloria Brougham VIP Y30! If not only for its interior, but also for its smooth VG30ET 3 liter V6 turbo engine! Apparently Youtube user iwa730 wants to share its luck with us:

Its got about everything Nissan and the Japanese innovation could cram into that 185 inch long ship: cruise control, active suspension, cruise control and radio controls on the steering wheel, auto transmission with sports switch, radio with tapedeck, aircon, leather seats, pluche door cards, adjustable power mirrors, code protected driver side door, genuine hardtop roof, wire wheels and the list is probably ten times longer than this!

Also the car is in great imbalance: the V-30-turbo Brougham VIP badge is about ten times as heavy as the Nissan badge on the other side of the car! :D

Anyone wants to trade his Nissan Gloria Brougham VIP for my Carina TA60? :P

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