Since last week I am using Normally people would use it to listen to their favorite music and such. I found that it is actually a very good tool to find the lost treasures of music. :)

How to use it? Simple: think of a really bad band like for instance Modern Talking and use that band on to play similar music. Be patient and wait for to find those little gems for you. ;)

This week I found the singer Fancy with the hit China Blue:

Not only their music is horrible and stolen from Modern Talking, but they even copied their looks from other horrible bands/artists: the singer looks like how Michael Jackson wanted to look eventually, the keyboard player and drummer look like they were borrowed from Europe and the Chinese girl, who looks Thai to me, looks like she is played by Boy George. And those bright white smile of the keyboard player!! Directly stolen from Dieter Bohlen!

If you want to know more about Fancy, try here:

I’ll add another hilarious posting next week. :)