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Family Album Treasures: Jokers Mazda Cosmo AP

Of course I would be proud if I would own a Mazda Cosmo AP with 13b rotary engine in the eighties!
Jokers Mazda Cosmo AP 13b
Jokers Mazda Cosmo AP 13b

This particular Cosmo AP was owned by one of the members of the Aoyama Jokers and later on this car became one of the most iconic bosozoku styled Cosmo APs known. He swapped the headlights for a set of square headlights and was so fond of it he stood on top of his pride! Definitely something to add to the family album and keep it for future generations!

Found at [Joker’s official blog]

Family Album Treasures: Jokers Yonmeri Skyline GC110

This particular Yonmeri Skyline was actually owned by one of the members of the Aoyama Jokers (one of the most notorious Bosozoku gangs in the 70s and 80s) and modified in what we call Kyusha Kai nowadays.
Jokers Yonmeri Skyline C110
Jokers Yonmeri Skyline C110

The car features a set of 9J wide Volk Mesh rims.
Of course this picture was taken near the beach/shore and the owner stands casually next to his pride and joy. Definitely worth adding such a photo to your family album!

Found at [Joker’s official blog]

Hilarious: extemely highered Bosozoku style car

Yesterday I already wrote about, so I thought today’s Hilarious posting should definitely be about the Bosozoku style! :P

Well, apart from the exhaust Champion picture I posted in the the Bosozoku Carina Sightings there was also another interesting car on that very same meeting:

According to the poster this meeting should be held by the Tan Family which is a former motorcycle gang.

Here you can see it in action:

When I saw the car first I thought it would most probably have, apart from the obvious speedbump trouble, a cornering problem. Looks like the guy did a good job and changed the caster of the front wheels to match the highered rear end.

And I can’t get enough of it:

In case you’re wondering what car this used to be: it took me some time to figure out but it is a facelifted JDM Toyota Crown MS110.

Simply hilarious! :D

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