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Carina Sightings: Boro turboed Carina whistling away

This video of a boro Carina AA63 at Nikko Circuit by ae86lan kind of shocked me! It wasn’t the state of the car that shocked me, but the gigantic turbo conversion that amazed me!

The bigport 4A-GE with TVIS has been converted with a custom turbo manifold. The exhaust feed probably did not fit anymore and the exhaust was rerouted to the roof of the car. Also note the blowoff-valve with a whistle ducktaped to it! Damn, now that’s boro!

Video: the ultimate boro AE86 duo!

This short video from ae86lan shows you the ultimate boro AE86 duo: a stripped 3 door Sprinter Trueno and 2 door Corolla Levin! The duo was discovered in Okegawa (Saitama)

At first I thought he was filming a dump site, but after a few seconds I realized I was wrong!

He also took a video of the duo in action:

This proves that 40% of the AE86 was unnecessary crap you don’t need anyway! ;)

Video: the KE70 and AE86 mosquito squad

Both jrotaro and ae86lan posted videos of their drift runs on the Ebisu drift festival. This one is onboard a KE70 (obviously with no K engine under the hood anymore) showing the mad angles of this 4A-GE mosquito squad:

The last runs the KE70 acts as a referee car when the red Levin and blue Trueno go head to head against each other. The Trueno may look a bit boro, but leaving the third door in the pit is quite common nowadays. ;)

This video by ae86lan shows his drift skills in the KE70:

Clearly he needs to clean his windshield before recording a video. :P

And a last video with more mosquito action from jrotaro onboard a white Trueno:

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