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Carina Sightings: Carina bi-turbo diesel drifting

I posted some videos of this Finnish Carina before and his car is getting more and more interesting! A few days ago he posted a new in-car video of a drift session on the Botniaring:

Even though the sound of his Carina does not match our expectations (no high revving 4A-GE, but a bi-turbo 2L-T) he surely can throw the car sideways as it should with all that (slow) torque!

Apparently I was truely wrong about his project two years ago when he posted up the first videos on StreetFire…

Carina sightings: drifting Carina TA60 bi-turbo!

I did know about the existence of turbo-ed 2T and 3T engines, but bi-turbo?

If you look well enough you can see a big intercooler behind the cutted front air dam. Also where the grille used to be an oil cooler has been placed. It is unknown which engine has been used for the swap, but it is surely a bi-turbo diesel engine. (probably a 2L-T hilux diesel engine)

The original car appears to be a TA60 Carina coupe and its 31 years old Finish owner takes really good care of it:

Yep, that’s how easy it is to get a Carina sideways when you have loooooads of torque! I wonder how long it will take before D1GP will be flooded with diesel engines. 😀 😀

This is the most recent video of the car:

I wonder if there will be more updates soon! 🙂

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