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Hilarious: Dekochari (Dekotora bicycle)

Now this was a huge laugh for me: the Dekochari!

Dekotora is an abbreviation for Decoration Truck (Torakku). Chari means bicycle, so mixing it up with the Dekotora abbreviation it becomes Dekochari! Dressing up your bike into a Dekotora is just hilarious!

The soundtrack is called Ichiban-boshi Blues (by Bunta Sugawara and Kinya Aikawa) and the footage comes from a video called Dekochari Yarou.

If you thought that wasn’t funny enough, how about the Dekochari at 0:26 being driven by Daijiro Inada?

And how about another one just for the road? :P

Hilarious: BMX getting chased by a Dekotora truck

WTF?! Some 80s guy riding his BMX bike is getting chased by a Dekotora truck and a Nissan Laurel C32 policecar?

It is actually a videoclip by Cadillac for the song ????????NO! NO! NO! shot in 1987. I think it is supposed to look like some 80s teen series with the obvious hero, the school and the bad guys (Dekotora truck driver and the police woman). And of course the Nissan Sunny B210 going sideways (a different sideways than drifting ;) ) brings the comical factor in this clip!

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