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Hilarious: Taiwanese kids drift better than Nomuken!

This video shows the amazing biking skills of two Taiwanese kids:

Not only has this little girl great parallel parking skills, she and her brother can also drift the corners of the corridors in their appartment.

Their Youtube movies already became a big (internet) hit in Taiwan and they already featured on national TV:

Simply amazing!

Now, how do I learn my son to do that? ;)

Initial D: Initial B Bicycle Drift

If you thought the drifting in Initial D was radical: hold your breath for this!

Initial B: Bicycle drifting!

Apparently under the influence of Initial D some Chinese fans started to perform drifts on their bicycles:
The rules are pretty straight forward you just need to perform an aw inspiring right hand drift, either with the aid of brakes or without.

The drift performed in the picture looks awesome and drifting with a racing bike sounds like much fun to me! :)

Lucky enough I live in Holland, use my (1920s) bike for daily transportation and it is autumn. Leafs are on the streets, perhaps I’ll try to perform some drifts on my way to work now and then. ;)

You can read more about it here:
Article about bicylce drifting on

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