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Family Album Treasures: Toyota Carina GTi16

A proper Family Album Treasure from 1986 for this whole family in their Toyota Carina GTi16 AT160!
Family Album Treasures: Toyota Carina GTi16 AT140
The oldest son is giving us a double victory and wife and youngest son are enjoying the sight of daddy taking a picture of his pride! (For you to determine whether that should be the Carina or the family… ;) )

Anyway, also visible in the picture is the wooden (Nardi?) steering wheel, BBS rims and most importantly: the Twin Cam 16 grille badge that indicates this car is powered by a 4A-GE and not to be messed with!

Found at Minkara

Japanese BBS wheels

This video kind of surprised me:

This video from 1993 clearly shows (some) BBS wheels are produced in Japan. A bit weird for someone living next to Germany expecting a German wheel manufacturer to actually produce them in Germany!

A little research learned that the Japanese company Washibeam produces the BBS F1 Magnesium wheel and all one piece Aluminum racing wheels. They sell those wheels back to BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik AG and vice versa for the other wheels. In this way the production of the wheels can continue even if either BBS or Washibeam go bankrupt.

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