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Family Album Treasures: Toyota Carina GTi16

A proper Family Album Treasure from 1986 for this whole family in their Toyota Carina GTi16 AT160! The oldest son is giving us a double victory and wife and youngest son are enjoying the sight of daddy taking a picture of his pride! (For you to determine whether that should be the Carina or the…

Random: Going to paint my wheels tonight!

This is about the coolest wheel pic I’ve seen this month: Glow in the dark rims! The only problem is that you need to shine some light on it first… So, where can I get some of that paint to accentuate my 15 inch Celica XX rims? Found at Jasonsgrainofsalt

Japanese BBS wheels

This video kind of surprised me: This video from 1993 clearly shows (some) BBS wheels are produced in Japan. A bit weird for someone living next to Germany expecting a German wheel manufacturer to actually produce them in Germany! A little research learned that the Japanese company Washibeam produces the BBS F1 Magnesium wheel and…