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Dancing Through Traffic: Nissan March Bolero – March-athon

I asked ChatGPT if it could make a joke about the Nissan March Bolero and this is what it came up with:
Q: Why did the Nissan March Bolero get invited to all the car parties?
A: Because it always knows how to “rev up” the atmosphere and drive everyone to the dance floor!

That’s just amazing! I couldn’t have made a more appropriate joke and let’s make sure this third posting in the March-athon isn’t a joke by itself!

Front view of 1997 Nissan March Bolero K11
Front view of 1997 Nissan March Bolero K11

What is the Nissan March Bolero?

As you may have guessed from the title and the first paragraph: the third posting is focussing on the Nissan March Bolero. Just like the March Tango, the March Bolero is another special car built by Nissan’s Autech division. It became available in October 1997, shortly after the facelifted March K11 was launched and it replaced the March Tango. Just like Tango, Bolero is both a musical and dance style. For Bolero the dance and music are completely unrelated, which makes it confusing what Nissan intended for the March Bolero to represent. Given the musical note system for the basic March models, I’d say it would be the musical style.

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Let the March Tango into the night! – March-athon

Yesterday I already briefly touched upon the Nissan March Tango’s history. As I concluded, there were so many Nissan March K11 variants that it deserves its own series to highlight each and every one of them. Today we’ll kick off this series with the March Tango simply because I already covered it yesterday.

Today's subject: the Nissan March Tango
Today’s subject: the Nissan March Tango

What is a March Tango?

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